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Unparalleled Anti-Bribery Tools and Support

Unparalleled Anti-Bribery Tools and Support

TRACE Compliance Community™

Regulatory guidance emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement of your compliance program. Reduce the time and resources spent on anti-bribery compliance while keeping your compliance program from growing stale with TRACE membership.
TRACE’s shared-cost model provides the most cost-effective solution for developing and maintaining a dynamic anti-bribery compliance program. 

TRACE Membership helps companies operating globally conduct business ethically and in compliance with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UK Bribery Act and other similar anti-bribery regulations, all while remaining competitive. TRACE Members pay an annual membership fee and memberships are renewed annually. 

Member benefits at a Glance:

  • Compliance Benchmarking 
  • Multilingual eLearnining 
  • Resource Center Access
  • Gifts & Hospitality Management 
  • Due Diligence & Risk Sorting
  • Global Database of Third Parties 
  • Third Party Management System (TPMS) access
  • Conferences Worldwide 
  • Access to Live and Recorded TASA Webinars  


To learn how TRACE Membership can support your compliance efforts, write to or call (+1) 410.990.0076. 


TRACE is a globally recognized anti-bribery business association and leading provider of shared-cost third party risk management solutions. Members and clients include over 500 multinational companies headquartered worldwide. TRACE is headquartered in the United States and registered in Canada, with a presence on five continents. For more information, visit