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TRACEpro is a comprehensive training program designed to provide a foundational understanding of key concepts in compliance. Offered only through our corporate and law firm membership programs, this new, custom-tailored approach to compliance credentialing allows organizations to cost-effectively provide advanced training to employees who manage compliance or third parties who are regularly exposed to compliance risks.

TRACE Membership

By pooling resources, TRACE is able to help multinational companies and law firms reduce the time and cost associated with rolling out a global compliance training program. Joining  TRACE, a non-profit business association dedicated to compliance and good governance, provides organizations with access to our multilingual eLearning library and customizable training platform and the option to enroll individuals in TRACEpro.

Corporate Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited access to the TRACE Learning Management System and eLearning library
  • A wide selection of eLearning courses on key compliance issues
  • An extensive library of compliance resources, including local law guidance
  • Invitations to TRACE webinars and events
  • Benchmarking and networking opportunities
  • Risk assessment guidance and tools
  • Access to compliance professionals
  • 25 complimentary TRACEpro enrollments

Law Firm Membership Benefits

  • Access to the TRACE Learning Management System and eLearning library
  • A wide selection of eLearning courses on key compliance issues
  • Invitations to TRACE webinars and select events
  • Networking, branding and business development opportunities
  • Access to select compliance materials from the TRACE Resource Center
  • Option to add-on TRACEpro enrollments



Program Overview

The program is divided into two substantive phases and can be deployed on the timeline you set over the course of a year to employees or third parties through the TRACE Learning Management System (LMS). In addition to an introduction course, each phase contains multiple courses addressing core concepts including:

  • an overview of anticorruption compliance;
  • ESG due diligence;
  • data privacy and protection;
  • sanctions issues;
  • regional compliance risks; and
  • gifts and hospitality.

Courses are pre-recorded and led by subject matter experts.

Students must pass a 50-question exam with a score of 85% following the completion of the sixteen courses including the introduction. A practice exam (with unlimited retakes) is offered to help prepare for the final exam. Several resources and reference materials are provided to support students throughout the program and in their respective roles.









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